Our Services

Our Services


Interior Styling

One of the biggest challenges is how to pull a room together to achieve ‘that look’. TWINE can help you create an environment that reflects your own personality and style. Our aim is to create interior spaces that reflect your taste and personality.


Home Staging

The benefits of home staging are invaluable. Staging is a strategic investment in selling your home. Twine Interiors does not rely on simply decorating, we evaluate the whole property, identify and consult on the top priorities, to accomplish a quick, creative and cost effective staging plan.

We work with you and your selling agent to profile potential buyers, your neighbourhood and community, to consider all aspects of the property for sale. We take into consideration the architectural style, create balance and flow in the space, and where needed, re-invent rooms to suit buyers needs

  • Redecorating already furnished homes
  • Organising and de-cluttering
  • Combining our accessories with existing furniture
  • Enhancing outdoor spaces


Renovating and New Projects

Twine Interiors provide specialised and objective support in the areas of space, flow and aesthetics, freeing our clients to oversee the project objectively. This includes reviewing the spacial and floor plan layout. We save time, anxiety and money over the decision making process, whilst adding value to your fit-out with our professional experience. Twine Interiors can engage tradesman from quote process to execution.

In each case, we can specify interior finishes such as:

  • Blinds and curtains
  • Paint
  • Furniture
  • Tap ware, bathroom fixtures and fittings
  • Flooring, carpet and tiles
  • Kitchen finishes ie: cabinets, benchtops and splashbacks


Colour Advisory

Twine specialise in colour design for interior, exterior, residential, commercial and retail environments. We are an independent colour advisory with no affiliation with any particular paint company. We offer an initial site visit / consultation to view your property or project and discuss ideas with you.

If you are selling, then we tend to choose colours that either enhance the period or theme of your property and or lean to a more current trend which appeals to the buyer’s market. Twine can work from your plans and elevations if your home is not built yet



TWINE offers a variety of efficient consultation packages that will help the home owner / seller to focus on the most important areas of the property to decorate and style.

  • Colour Advisory – Initial Consultation $295, Interior Paint Selection and Schedule $295, Exterior Paint & Finishes (roof, windows etc) Selection and Schedule $385.
  • Renovating and New Projects – Initial Consultation $385 and $165/hr thereafter. A ‘complete job’ quote will be provided on request.
  • Interior Styling and Home staging – Pricing dependent on size and requirements of property.